Our Total Chemical Resources team knows that in order to properly serve our customers,we must offer not only the best possible products that work, we must also provide the expertise necessary to apply and effectively manage the line of products we carry. If you have a problem, you simply need to come to us we'll come up with a solution.

Our vast array of products and services have endless possibilities to suit your needs . Whether your looking to buy chemical products for

  • Water treatment
  • Pest control
  • Swimming pools
  • Industrial cleaning supplies
  • Fertilizers/Pesticides
  • Turf and ornamental needs

We have a product solution for you.

Safety is our first concern, and professionalism is something we aspire to uphold in every business relationship we maintain. We currently provide chemical solutions to a full spectrum of customers to include:

Hotels Golf Courses Power Plants
Sewage Treatment Plants Fishing Boats Grocery Stores
Restaurants Neighborhood Stores Agricultural Farmers
Plant Nurseries Military Applications Boiler Rooms
Cooling Towers